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Since 2008, the magazine was published as a part of a serial "Scientific and technical statements STU".

In 2012, it registered as an independent periodical. (Certificate of registration number PI FS77-52144 of December 11, 2012)
Published under the scientific supervision of the RAN.

Magazine, maintaining continuity, continuing the tradition of scientific and Publication of serial "Scientific and technical statements STU", published under the dual international standard serials numbers 1994-2354 (serial) 2304-9782.

The magazine is presented in the Abstract Journal of VINITI, is included in the fund of scientific and technical literature (YTL) VINITI, and presented in the international system for the periodicals "Ulrich's Periodicals Directory" and is included in the database "Russian Science Citation Index" (RISC).
The magazine has a bilingual registration and publishes articles in Russian and English languages.

Formal second title in English:
"St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal. Physics and Mathematics".

Publication frequency 4 times per year.
Publication of scientific articles in the journal is free for authors.

Thematic sections

  • Nuclear physics, clusters and nanostructures
  • Biophysics and Medical Physics
  • Mathematical physics
  • Mathematical modeling of physical processes
  • Machinery and equipment for physical experiment
  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Condensed matter physics
  • Molecular physics
  • Physical optics
  • Physical Electronics
  • Physical material
  • Nuclear physics

Publication in the journal "NTV STU. Physics and mathematics "are taken into account when protecting dissertations in scientific fields: physics 01.04.00, 01.01.00 Mathematics, Mechanics 01.02.00, 01.03.00 Astronomy.

Subscription and network resources

Distributed Catalog CIS, general catalog "Russian Press" and on the Internet catalog "Press subscription." Subscriptions 71 823 Index.

Editorial team

V.K. Ivanov

Academician Chairman of the Board

A. T. Fotiadi

Dr. physical and mathematical sciences, professor Deputy. chairman

V.M. Kapralova

Dr. physical and mathematical sciences, professor Deputy. chairman

V.I. Antonov

Dr. physical and mathematical sciences, professor Deputy. chairman

A.V. Blinov

Dr. physical and mathematical sciences, professor Deputy. chairman

Editorial council

Fridrikh Vagner

professor Emeritus

Zh.I. Alferov

Academician Chairman of the Board

A.E. Zhukov

Corresponding Member. RAS deputy. chairman

A.I. Borovkov

Vice Rector STU